From a young age, I used art as an expression of myself. I have battled bipolar since I was fourteen, and along with that came the impact of the stigma on mental illness our society cultivates. Creativity was my way of revealing who I am without actually verbally saying anything.

When the pandemic hit, I became restless with the isolated days at home. With this frustration emerged a new hobby: Resin Art. I quickly became fascinated with how each art piece could be uniquely designed and customized. I spent hours a day for many months perfecting the craft and coming up with unique designs.

On Thanksgiving Day of 2020, one of my designs went viral on social media. A dream I always had growing up was to sell art that I had made and to inspire others with my artwork—and it came true!

Each resin piece has a significant meaning behind it—whether it be the design, the inclusions, the colors or the shapes. A piece of my neurodiversity is brought from my mind into my artwork.

My Mission

My mission is to inspire others to express themselves, even when they cannot verbally do so—whether it be through making art or displaying a unique piece of resin art from my shop.