Sometimes business is slow… and as many small businesses are experiencing, now is that time. People are running out of stimulus checks, returning back to work, gas prices and food prices are rising… there just isn’t enough cashflow for people to be spending on custom and handmade art! However, don’t give up… here is what I’ve found helps bring in the money during the slow times:

  • Sign up for Vendor Events: Farmer’s Markets, Craft Shows, local events that have vendors
    • These bring in the most money for me, personally. Even over my online sales. I try to schedule at least two a month, sometimes three.
  • Facebook ads:
    • Do you want to boost that post? YES! You do! Boosting a post gets your name out there to hundreds of people that would’ve never seen your art to begin with.
  • Social Media:
    • Do daily posts, if possible.
    • Keep up with the comments and respond to them.
  • Have two forms of selling platforms- I personally have three! My own website, Mercari and Facebook Marketplace.
  • Save your money! Christmastime usually brings in more money than usual. Save that money for the slow times!

I hope you enjoyed these tips that have helped me to not have to struggle when business periodically slows down.


All the Best,