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I really thought I would just dive into one of the most heated and controversial topics in the resin community – gatekeeping! What does gatekeeping mean in the art community? It means that artists will not reveal their secrets – where they get their products, what their products are, their techniques, etc. They hold onto these precious secrets because they’ve worked so hard, spent a lot of money and spent hours upon hours perfecting the craft. It seems unfair to reveal tips and tricks to someone that will just turn around and use it to become a direct competition.

To an extent, I agree with artists that gatekeep. Each artist is different, and that is okay.

When my shot glasses went viral, there was only one YouTube video that I could find using .22 ammo in resin. Now, my exact design, is everywhere! I’m okay with that. If you read my mission, it is to inspire others. My mission was carried out with the viral shot glasses, and I will strive to keep coming up with different designs that others can mimic.

However, I limited what I revealed to people. I wanted to be on top for just a little while until people figured out how to perfect my design. This design was actually my first idea I attempted with resin. I perfected it over months. I told people what products I bought and where I bought them from and that was it. No tutorials on how to successfully complete the design. They would’ve figured it out eventually (and they did). Why not give myself time to establish myself as the OG creator and have a bit of fun until then?

Each and every artist has the right to reveal as much or as little as they are comfortable with. Don’t beat us artists up because we won’t spill our secrets! We want you to become our competition the right way – through the same hard work that we put into the craft.

On that note – I also believe there are no dumb questions. If you ever want to send me question about what products I use and where I get them from, I’m happy to answer. Just shoot me a message in the “Custom Requests” section.

I want my art to inspire you!


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